Aim and Scope


To provide a platform to senior leaders from various segments of society for discussing national security issues.


The scope of this workshop embodies: -

  1. To study the evolving dimensions of international, regional and domestic environment, take cognizance of the trends, identify the major drivers of change and understand the impact of different policy initiatives on the security of Pakistan.
  2. To understand the intrinsic and environmental driven challenges and opportunities for Pakistan, analyse policy options to mitigate challenges and capitalise on the opportunities to realise its potentials and stand tall in the comity of nations.
  3. To study the concept of comprehensive national security, understand its different dimensions, process of national security policy formulation in some of the major countries and Pakistan.
  4. To exercise participants in formulation of National Security Policy in the current international, regional and domestic environment with a view to consolidate understanding acquired during the workshop and hone their analytical and leadership skills.
  5. Visit the provincial capitals (Governors, CM Secretariats & State Institutions), Services HQ, Strategic Plans Division and Defence Industry to gain firsthand knowledge of the organizational and structural aspects and gauge the effectiveness of policies and strategies in operation.